To re-invent & deliver the dues back to Mother Nature, with superior quality “ECO-FRIENDLY ECONOMICAL CHEMICALS”, manufactured with the highest degree of accuracy & purity, to deliver the best some real time results.


A single remedy innovated by aqua chemicals

Bio Culture and Nutrients

Advantages of Bio Culture: 1. Sludge Removal 100% 2. BOD/COD Reduction 95% 3. Smell Removal 100% 4. Color Reduction 95% 5. Suspended Solids & Derbies 92% 6. Saving & Electricity 32% to 40% 7. Reduction of Conventional Chemicals 25% 8. Saving in water through recycling process 9. Cost effective human friendly treatment

Aqua Chemicals came into existence in the year 1993, when a bunch of talented & professional engineers came together to deliver niche quality chemicals to small & medium sized chemical consumers. On a mission to provide quality products & services, these young entrepreneurs left no stone unturned to LIVE their dream of manufacturing “ECO-FRIENDLY ECONOMICAL CHEMICALS.”

With the passage of time, the size & spectrum of this company’s operations increased multiple levels, reflecting their excellence in the Industry, along with the trust bestowed by their consumers on the products & services coming from the stable of AQUA-CHEMICALS.

Unlike other players, Aqua Chemicals didn’t restricted themselves only to the commercial activities; but they also became one of the First Movers in Indian History* to establish the practice of eco-friendly manufacturing processes of water chemicals & environmental protection thereon.

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